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Physical diagnostics

The effectiveness of rehabilitation depends on the correct diagnosis, which is why we use IAOM procedures when it comes to the musculoskeletal system (locomotor system). Clinical interview, that is the conversation with a patient, clinical tests used in orthopedics (motion sequences that provoke pain) and palpation of soft tissues, very often allows to find the cause of dysfunction which determines the application of an appropriate therapeutic method.

In case of need or doubt, we direct patients to an orthopedist and for imaging X-ray, MRI, CT to remove doubts and confirm the diagnosis or eliminate contraindications for therapy.

In practice, patients with nonspecific symptoms are often found, which indicate a different cause of the disorder than a problem resulting from the damage to the musculoskeletal system. In such situations, the diagnostic tests used in osteopathy allow to determine the cause of the dysfunction, located far from the site of symptoms or having its source in the fascial-ligamentous system of the chest, digestive system, reproductive system or hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system and other disorders.

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