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Rehabilitation of the spine

“The lower spine ailments, as the main symptom, force every second patient in the USA to contact a physiotherapist (Merskey and Bogduk, 1994)”.

Leon Chaitov, "A massage therapist’s guide to understanding, locating, and treating myofascial trigger points."

We will help you with both the acute and chronic spine pain, caused by Degenerative Disc Desease, intervertebral joints, sacroiliac joints, the dysfunctions resulting from excessive tension of myofascial lines and trigger points activity. We will also take care of the correction of your postural defects, postural rehabilitation when it comes to headache syndromes, bruxism and other problems related to the temporomandibular joint as well as other ailments, resulting from failure or overload of postural muscles.

We offer comprehensive rehabilitation of the spine, which includes:

diagnostics based on an interview, clinical tests and functional tests (according to IAOM procedures) and standards of osteopathy.

  • IAOM manual therapy
  • osteopathic methods
  • medical massage, treating myofascial lines and trigger points
  • spinal traction, using the TRITON device
  • tailored spine training
  • education and prevention

Scientific resarches show that psychological factor can have a very big influance when it comes to the spine diseases. That's why we include respiratory reeducation in the rehabilitation plan, as well as the relaxation methods.

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