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Ackermann method

Dr. Ackermann method deals with the functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system treatment. It is a therapy based on manipulation or mobilization techniques aimed at functional correction of the  biomechanics of the spine and peripheral joints. According to the researches, over 80% of patients report spinal pain, which in most cases has a functional background (movement disorders, excessive myofascial tension, subluxation - tilting, segmental dislocation). In such cases, the Ackermann method, preceded by diagnostics based on functional tests and on the palpation method, brings quick and spectacular results. Often, diagnostic imaging (X-ray, MRI, TM) has been necessary to confirm the diagnosis and to eliminate contraindications for therapy.

Ackermann's characteristic feature is a holistic view of the cause-and-effect cycle in the formation of functional changes, which in consequence often lead to structural disorders, such as, for example, discopathy. The inventor of the method pays special attention to the proper operation of the sacroiliac joints because pelvic disorders through compensation within the spine cause blockage in the atlanto-occipital joint (articulatio atlantooccipitalis), temporomandibular joint and affect the work of lower limbs and shoulder girdle. The implementation of corrective techniques is safe, if it is preceded by detailed diagnostics and does not provoke pain.

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