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International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine is a training organization that brings together a group of experienced physicians and physiotherapists who worked together with such experts as Professor James Cyriax, Freddy Kaltenborn, Andy Vleeming, Professor Vladimir Janda, Barry Wyke. It is a continuation of the project inspired by James Cyriax and Dos Winkel, who co-founded IAAOM, International Association of Academies of Orthopedic Medicine in 1978. IAOM trainings, run by Didi Van Pardon - a senior instructor with forty years of professional experience, former assistant of James Cyriaks and Dos Winkel, a world-renowned physiotherapist of orthopedic medicine.

The organization cooperates with orthopedic and neurological clinics and participates in research programs, thanks to which the training program, based on the knowledge and experience of James Cyriax and other specialists in the field of orthopedics and rehabilitation, is constantly updated and supplemented by research results in the field of biomechanics, medicine and manual therapy. The main part of the training is focused on a coherent diagnostic system, using a standardized method of patient examination, which includes detailed interview and clinical tests to accurately determine the cause of the dysfunction. Correct diagnostics, revealing the cause of the motion system disorder, is the basis for the therapeutic activities aimed at restoring physical fitness.

Using techniques of mobilization, neuromobilization or manipulation, work on the soft tissues (transverse massage) and taping, the therapy restores the disturbed biomechanics of joints, leading to the resolution or reduction of pain, the range of mobility increase, inflammation relief. In addition to manual therapy techniques, a training program is introduced which, depending on the needs, aims to nourish and regenerate the joint or soft tissues (the collagen training), improve the prioproception (the deep sensation), which aims to stabilize and pave the right pattern of movement in the joint, postural pattern (sensorimotor training) or rebuild strength and muscle mass (strength training).

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